Let me see your ticket

Let me see your ticket

They weren’t invited to the show and they certainly didn’t pay to see the movie. A movie theater in New York is in a lot of hot water after numerous complaints of patrons being bit while seeing their favorite flicks. One movie-goer reports that she was victim to at least six bites during a recent showing. Upon feeling the itchy and burning sensation on her arm, she pulled out her phone to use as a flashlight and was bewildered when she saw bed bugs crawling on her feet. Another patron was very upset after taking her kids to see the show and discovering bites all over her children.

Bed bugs are especially alarming because they can hide in your clothing, bags, and of course in any furniture. They also reproduce very quickly. There is never just one, if you see one there are probably many many more hiding waiting for the perfect time to feed. In a situation like this the entire facility had to be thoroughly inspected and then treated to ensure a further infestation didn’t occur. The movie theater has expressed that they will in fact do more frequent inspections to try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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What is a box elder bug?

What is a box elder bug?

You may have a friend who told you about the little black bugs with the red line down its back and abdomen. These little garden critters are called box elder bugs. Usually you will find them anywhere there is an abundance of leaves and flowers and of course near the box elder trees in the Midwest.

These insects will find a crevasses in a tree and use that as a wonderful spot to hide their eggs. They do travel together, and the site of them can be alarming if you run into a colony. The box elder bugs are not at all dangerous to humans, and aren’t particularly dangerous to crops either. They are part of the good bug family. However, they will invade your home if you aren’t careful.

Some tricks to avoiding a box elder bug infestation include clearing all clutter from the side of your home. Most people will stack their firewood next to their house for ease of access when it’s cold. Little do they know those wood stacks are a perfect hiding spot and breeding ground. Also check your home for cracks and make sure windows and doors seal properly.

For more information on the box elder bug, please click here

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Ok, You can stay

Ok, You can stay

There are some bugs that are good to have around, and some that you should keep around. If your patio and garden are full of bugs, try and figure out which are the good ones. For instance the syrphid fly is a wonderful flying insect to keep around. Sometimes they are called a hover fly because they are pollinators that hang out with your flowers keeping the garden healthy.

Lacewings and ladybugs are of course well known for their ability to help your garden. They both eat the larvae of more dangerous bugs at a rate larger than any other small insect. One way to encourage these beneficial bugs to stay, and to attract more of these types of insects is to plant a large variety of flowering plants. A variety will bloom at different times which will help keep these beneficial insects sustained throughout the entire year.

So, the next time you are out gardening and think about pesticide to rid your garden of the creepy crawlies who are trying to take over, keep in mind, there are some garden bugs that are on the VIP list, who are incredibly beneficial to your garden.

For more information on the good bugs to keep around, click here

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Velvet ants

Velvet ants

Velvet ants are a species of ants that bring very specific traits to the world. These ants have bright colors and are covered in a dense almost like velvet fuzz. This fuzz serves as more than just to beautify the ant, but also has a purpose.

The velvet on top of a velvet ant can help them retain moisture that is needed for them to stay alive. The colors can be bright and brilliant to serve as a warning to their predators. Their beauty can be misleading as they actually carry an extremely dangerous venom that can be excruciating to humans. Some scientists suggest that they have a stinger that is half the length of their bodies that may have evolved as protection from a predator. Only the females carry the stinger and scientists have not yet found any other insects who can survive the sting. So intense, some have labeled it a “cow killer.”

Along with their color and stings/bites, these insects also will squeak loudly if they feel intimidated. They are one of the few insects who will release auditory sounds as a warning. They are not fetal to humans, nor could they actually kill a cow. They will however sting and bite you and that could cause immense pain for few minutes.

For more information on ants, please click here

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More Research Needed On CCD

More Research Needed On CCD

It has become a global issue. Massive amounts of bees are dying at alarming rates. Some scientists are going to extreme almost science fiction style measures to find the answer to the question of what is happening to all of the bees.

Researchers have devised a small microchip that can be attached to a bee like a backpack. This microchip serves as additional sensors, gathering all sorts of useful information in the hopes of finding out how they can solve the problem. Data collected will provide the useful information beekeepers and industry groups will need. Along with the backpack sized transmitters that will go on the bees directly, they have also developed a computer board the size of postage stamp that can be placed inside the hive directly to also send valuable information to the same researchers.

Bees are annoying to humans but serve a vital role in our environment.                If the bees were to be permanently removed from the environment, several plants and food products would also cease to survive however, humans should elect to stay away from bee hives to the best of their abilities. Bee stings typically are just annoying, however, if stung by a swarm it could be fatal.

For more information on bees, please click here.

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Insects are beneficial –

Insects are beneficial –

Despite their annoyance and ew factor, many insects can in fact be very beneficial to have around. For instance we wouldn’t have the beauty of wild flowers without beneficial insects around to pollinate them and keep the population growing. Honeybees are one of the most beneficial insects to the environment but of course can back a hefty sting when they feel they are threatened.

Beetles are one of those insects that just seem gross when we find them, however, lady beetles make a feast of smaller insects that could be harmful to your household. Praying mantis are another insect that are wonderful creatures to keep around. When you see them outside it is best to just admire their beauty and let them do their job in nature. They eat spiders and other pests that could easily invade and take over your home. These insects can be seen at night gathering around your patio light, waiting for the buffet of spiders, moths, gnats and even flies. They can be very territorial but are essentially harmless to humans and pets.

If you have concerns about which insects are good to keep around your home and which are not, the best thing to do is to call your local pest control company to come and evaluate your situation and devise a plan on how to treat your home.

For more information on beetles and praying mantis’ click here.

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Smoke Flies do exist

Smoke Flies do exist

After a massive explosion, a very odd man was seen attempting to catch flies near the site. The police and rescue officials quickly identified him as scientist. Like small black specks across the sky, the color of the scene changed as these smoke flies filled the area. Smoke flies are attracted to nothing other than smoke and the amazing part is they traveled 80 kilometers to attend the smoke filled party.

Like other household flies, smoke flies are driven by their powerful sense of smell. That sense is what tells them to fly and eventually descend upon where ever the smell is coming from. Smoke flies will use the scent as a reproductive aid. They lay their eggs on recently burnt trees and bushes. Once the tree or bush regains its health, the smoke fly will emerge from the egg and turn to larvae then fly away. Smoke flies are unique in this practice as most flies will avoid burnt areas; but they indeed have the upper hand. With the majority of other insects out of site and out of mind, it leaves the new growth and new life as an all you can eat buffet to the smoke flies.

For more information on flies, please click here

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