Association Sues Evanston Condo Owner Over Bed Bug Extermination Association Sues Evanston Condo Owner Over Bed Bug Extermination

A condominium association in Evanston is suing a man, claiming he refused to let the association treat his unit for bedbugs.

In September 2011, the Maisonette Condominium Association discovered a bedbug infestation at its building on the 2000 block of Sherman Avenue in Evanston, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court.

At that point, an exterminator treated each unit, including the unit of James Collins, the defendant in the lawsuit.

Collins, 67, of Evanston, had a particularly bad case of bed bugsin his unit, according to the lawsuit, and the exterminator returned several times after September 2011 to treat his unit.

When the exterminator returned to confirm that the building was free of bed bugs on Nov. 13, 2012, Collins’ apartment tested again positive for bugs, according to the lawsuit. A couch and a wooden chair, in particular, were too infested to treat, according to the lawsuit.

The association says that because Collins did not return messages requesting that they treat his unit, he in effect was refusing treatment. Collins did not return a call for comment Tuesday night.

The association is requesting an injunction to treat the unit.

Chicago was named the worst city in 2012 for bedbugs by the national pest-control company Orkin. Bedbug extermination in Chicago jumped 33 percent for the company from 2011 to 2012, Orkin officials said.

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