Only 12 out of 1600 facilities shut down for “pests”

Only 12 out of 1600 facilities shut down for “pests”

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – So far this year, 14 restaurants in Allen County have had to temporarily close down: 12 of them because health inspectors found rodents and cockroaches. Since we requested and posted the public inspection photos on, a lot of people have been saying this is how restaurant kitchens everywhere look.

Dirty dishes, grease gunk, and traps full of bugs are not what Allen County Health Inspectors say they find at every restaurant.

“These closures represent a very small amount of facilities in Allen County that we regulate,” Allen County-Fort Wayne Health Department official Ann Applegate said.

Did you know there are 1600 food establishments in Allen County? So, in the grand scheme of things the restaurant closures don’t even make up one percent of the total restaurants in the area. Those that were permitted to reopen, Applegate said it is safe to dine there.

“They’ve met every requirement we’ve required during the closure and that also a lot of it is focused on cleaning because cleaning is a harborage condition. So, we ensure there are no droppings, no grease buildup. We’re looking everywhere, all of the things we’ve seen we check those places to make sure that has been corrected.”

And for those who reopen in 24 hours, should you be worried about the chemicals they used in their kitchens to clean things up?

“The chemicals that are used in a food establishment are intended for use in food establishments. So, I would say there are no concerns there. Same with the pesticides, those are EPA regulated.”

So, you don’t need to cancel your weekend plans if you wanted to go out to eat. Again, these closures represent less than one percent of all of the restaurants here in Allen County.

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