Chicago Career Opportunity

Technical Manager

Smithereen Pest Management – Greater Chicago Area

Job description

The primary responsibility of the Technical Manager will be to implement and develop employee field and classroom training.  This position will also provide support and forward innovation for all technical services at Smithereen by assisting on special customer projects and providing quality assurance.


  • To train all employees in basic and advanced technical skills, both in the field and classroom.
  • Ensure all new employees receive an initial on-boarding training that coincides with their position and background.
  • Develop and implement ongoing training programs both in the field and classroom.
  • Perform field evaluations employees with a plan for improvement.
  • Maintain and develop training materials that are relevant to the current learning styles.
  • Coordinate and support specialized field trainers in the performance of the initial and advanced field programs.
  • Ensure all company, regulatory, and training documentation records are up to date and available for validation.
  • Assist the sales department in the development and implementation of presentations, proposals, and marketing.
  • Work with and advise the corporate team on the latest technical advances in pest management in order to keep Smithereen a forerunner in the industry.
  • Assist with special customer projects and resolving pest issues.
  • Assist in developing new services for customer needs.
  • To attend such seminars and meeting to keep abreast of the latest developments in the technical sciences related to Smithereen’s operation.
  • Work with Operations and Team Leaders to ensure that services provided to Smithereen customers are of the required quality.
  • Assist the Director of Operations in identifying service areas needing improvement

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About smithereenpestmanagement

Smithereen Pest Management provides IPM pest services to residential and commercial clients in Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri.
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