Perimeter Pest Control Treatments

Perimeter Treatments


Outdoor pests (also called occasional invaders) can often be stopped before they enter the building and become a problem. These pests consist of ants, earwigs, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, wasps and hornets, rodents and more.

Smithereen’s Perimeter Treatment Program is designed to apply a protective barrier around the building or home to prevent the pests from entering and keep them outdoors where they belong. This program is developed based on the needs of the individual. This can extend from a single application to a quarterly program.

The program consists of carefully inspecting the entire property from the ground level to the roof on the outside and the crawl space or basement to the attic. The inspection will determine access points into the structure and the pests involved. Once these have been determined a Perimeter Treatment Program will developed. This program will consist of monitoring, mechanical measures and pesticide application. Monitoring consists of regularly scheduled inspections to monitor stations that help identify a problem before it starts and baiting. Mechanical measures (to be done by the client) could include trimming trees or bushes away form the house, pulling mulch at least two inches away from the foundation, gutter cleaning, etc. These will be identified by our trained professionals and communicated to the client. Pesticide application will be determined based on the pests involved, location and surrounding environment.  Documentation and communication are the keys to the success of the program and are held in the utmost importance by our trained professionals

With this program and cooperation Smithereen will be able to provide your home or business with a comprehensive protection plan from a multitude of flying and crawling insects to ensure a healthy environment.

Contact Smithereen today to recieve a inspection and estimate for our preventitive exterior service.

About smithereenpestmanagement

Smithereen Pest Management provides IPM pest services to residential and commercial clients in Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri.
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