Beating the Bed Bug

Beating the Bed Bug

Bed bugs come in numbers and are hard to kill. OTC foggers have proven to be ineffective when dealing with them, and in some cases, it has taken extreme measures to eliminate an infestation. Some homeowners have even resorted to trying to kill the pests with carbon monoxide, but unless you’re planning to crank up your gas stove, blow out the pilot light and risk an explosion, that’s probably not your best option.


Here are some safer ways to battle the bug:

  • Find out where the little terrorists are so you can eliminate all of them at once. Bed bugs are notoriously hard to detect; they often carry a scent similar to rotting fruit, and may leave behind small, dark spots on your sheets and mattress. Bed bugs can also lodge in couch cushions and other soft surfaces, so be on the lookout in your entire home.
  • Try vacuuming the bugs into a bag and throwing them away.
  • Close your windows, shut the blinds and crank the temperature up past 113 degrees to kill off the bug.
  • Use pyrethroid-based poisons to effectively eliminate them.
  • Hire a professional to debug your pad.

Bed bugs are just like any other bug; which means that no matter how difficult it is to exterminate them, they can be killed. A professional exterminator can locate and deal with the problem so you never have to sleep with these minuscule hitchhikers again. If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your home, dispatch the little buggers right away.

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