Flies, get out and say ‘Goodbye’

Flies, get out and say ‘Goodbye’

Nobody likes flies, they’re a pest and have all kinds of germs. So how do you go about keeping them out of your house when they just seem to pop up?

This season of flies is the worst thus far, said Dr Paul Craddock, operations manager at Flybusters Antiants in the article for stuff.co.nz

The reason for the worse season of flies is the damp weather provides ideal conditions for flies as the weather warms up. Breeding grounds are in abundance. It doesn’t help that they breed faster when it’s warmer.

Also, it may be why it’s harder to kill them with bug spray when it’s warm out. Their metabolism is faster and they excrete toxins, extending their death, so to speak when sprayed, if they die that is. Stubborn bugs.

So while you are trying to get your bug spray to work, they do laps around the living room trying to find their next meal. They only have two jobs to do after all, eat and mate. They’re not too complicated.

The question then is how to get rid of them when they just won’t go?

Craddock said it takes a series of steps for your fly problem to go away. Here they are.

First, you gotta get a hold on all things smelly and rubbish. So do your dirty laundry and take the trash out. Don’t leave any sort of waste out to tempt them.

Then, turn on the fans because flies hate getting blown around in the air just like you would if you had to walk home in a sandstorm. Here, you can just open the door and out they go in fan wind.

Next, get a bug spray that is guaranteed to work. Natural variety don’t have a strong residues and therefore probably won’t kill the flies, and the auto dispensers are effective but the chemicals would just get blown out with an open window or door, making all in vain.

Probably best to just bomb the house for a bit and leave it to do its work then come back in an hour then.

Lastly, just get fly screens. It might not look nice or aesthetically pleasing but neither are flies. Plus, you can open your doors and windows without worrying about them coming in.

But there are other methods as well that you can use. Take a look around and see you find.


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