Police Rescue Children from Horrendous Home

Police Rescue Children from Horrendous Home

Six children were found living in an Ocoee, Florida home without electricity or running water. According to police, the house was filled with cockroaches and animal feces. “Ocoee police responded to a call after Duke Energy cut off the electricity for thousands of dollars in unpaid utility bills,” police said. They also reported that the family was squatting in the home.

According to the arrest affidavit, when police received the warrant to search the home, they found toilets filled with feces, trash inside and outside the house and dog feces throughout the house.

“There was old and current dog feces on the floors and beds of which appeared to be where the children slept,” police said. “In two children’s bedrooms the beds were old and dirty with mold and rust stains on them. I observed insects on top of the beds (roaches) and rotting food on the floors and the beds.”

Police also reported a broken window in a bedroom that they believed was used to throw food waste into the backyard. Police found a loaded handgun in the master bedroom. The refrigerator, which could not close securely, was infested with both living and dead roaches. “The backyard of the home was filled with garbage bags. These bags had rotten food, roaches and I observed a rodent inside a fast food bag,” the police report claimed. The family was also stealing water from a neighbor.

DaQuan N. Smith, 35, (the children’s father) and their grandmother, Delthy A. Graham, 50, were charged with child neglect. Their mother Eboni S. Tucker-Smith, 32, was arrested on an outstanding perjury warrant.


The Department of Children and Family turned the children over to a family member.



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