Do Not Underestimate The Fruit Fly

Do Not Underestimate The Fruit Fly

So many insects are fascinating and serve important purposes. The Fruit Fly is one example of this and it is doing amazing things for biomedical research.

According to, “One of the things we least understand is how our own brain produces our emotions and behavior. Scientists are naturally attracted by the unknown, making this one of the most exciting open frontiers in biology. Perhaps, our brain, the ultimate Narcissus, cannot resist the temptation to study itself. Can the humble fly really contribute to our understanding of how our own brain works?”

The answer seems to be “yes” and the fruit fly is helping scientists to understand things like how sleep effects memory formation, how the brain processes hot and cold stimuli, and much more.

Next time you swat away a fruit fly in annoyance, think of all the amazing things they are helping scientists achieve!


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