Small Flies Can be a Big Problem

Small Flies Can be a Big Problem

Not surprisingly, the presence of small flies in a food processing plant can be a major health concern. The flies feed and breathe in the contaminated area and then land on food surfaces or food, transporting pathogens and increasing the risk of foodborne illness in humans.

Fruit flies and drain flies are attracted to the environment of food processing plants, and not only the food, but also the often warm and moist environment.

So, what can be done? According to Nisus Vice President of Technical Services and Regulatory Affairs Greg Baumann, “Any pests should be reported and noted in the Pest Sighting Log. If possible, samples should be collected for the PMP to examine on the next service visit.” Sanitation is also vital for prevention: keeping things clean and dry, and disposing of spoiled food is key. Baumann also said that, “many times floors are mopped, but the wet mop is left propped against a wall where it ferments and leads to infestation.”

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