NASA Takes on Bug-Guts

NASA Takes on Bug-Guts

We’ve all experienced the unsightly view of squashed bugs on our car windshield, particularly after a drive on the freeway. This annoyance is not just for us drivers, but pilots too. And believe it or not, according to NASA, bug guts on the wings of a plane can reduce fuel efficiency by 6%!

For the past eleven years, NASA has been working on creating a special coating that would prevent bug guts from sticking to the wings of a plane. The project is called, Insect Accretion and Mitigation. Soon, NASA will test their coating with a series of experiments on a 757 aircraft at the Shreveport Airport, which according to NASA, has one of the most bug-clogged runways in America.

Should the coating be successful, it will be one small step for insects, one giant leap for mankind!

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