Bedbug Chemical Poisons Family- Call the pros!

Bedbug Chemical Poisons Family- Call the pros!

A Canadian mother was desperate to rid her home of bedbugs, and used a chemical last Tuesday that led to the death of her eight month old baby and the sickening of her other four children.

After a recent trip to Pakistan, the mother, whose name is unreleased to protect the family, distributed pellets of phosphine around her apartment to fumigate for bugs.  The pellets produce a gas which is effective in killing bedbugs, but which is strictly controlled and licensed in Canada, due to its potential lethality.

All five children began to show signs of illness shortly after the pellets were scattered through the apartment.  The youngest, showed the most serious symptoms, and died Sunday afternoon after being transported to the hospital the day before.  All children had diarrhea and vomiting, and remain in critical condition at two different hospitals in the Edmonton area.

Phosphine is used to eradicate pests from grains, and is only available to trained professionals.  In 2012, two sisters in Quebec died from poisoning by this chemical after traveling to Thailand. In 2014 a family in Jerusalem lost two young children after their apartment was fumigated with phosphine.

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