Kindly, Keep the Garden Pests Away

Kindly, Keep the Garden Pests Away

They eat our leafy greens, make footprints in the soil, scale fences and burrow through rows of vegetables.  But how can you rid your vegetable garden of marauders without malice?  Six alternatives to nasty chemicals and expensive traps may do the trick.

First, there are fences.  A two to three foot high, tightly woven mesh wire will keep rabbits out.  They can’t jump much higher than two feet, although have ninja-like skills when it comes to crawling under almost any barrier.  Both the Raised Garden Bed Rabbit Fencing from Eartheasy and Garden Zone Rabbit Netting (available from Ace Hardware) are excellent choices.

Second, plants can deter pests.  Here are the most useful: cayenne pepper, garlic and chive.  Dissuade them using these easy to cultivate pest-controllers.

Third, human hair.  It provides a strong scent of People, can be found in your hairbrush, and doesn’t cost a dime.  Deposit liberally in places they may want to enter your garden.

Fourth, dogs and cats.  They may not be the expert hunters they once were, but they love to chase critters and wild creatures do not know they are tame.

Fifth, remove all possible sources of food outside your garden.  This means cleaning that barbeque!  Remove trash, keep water from dripping, and generally make your yard less of a target for opportunistic feeders.

Sixth, experiment with natural repellants.  These range from hot pepper flakes to granulated fox urine to blood meal, which also makes a fine source of nitrogen to feed your plants.

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