Spiders Among Us

Spiders Among Us

All homes have cracks and crevices, dark places, and crumbs lying about – even the cleanest ones. And these are the features that real-estate searching arachnids crave. So if you want to reduce the presence of spiders in your space, take note of a few hints from the experts.

Only three types of spiders bite with venom that can injure humans, and they are the infamous black widow, the shy brown recluse and the hobo spider. Any of these lurking around your home should be disposed of, including destroying the eggs so they won’t reappear. A good method for this is to vacuum them up and then make sure all contents with the vacuum bag are killed.

The brown recluse is a small, spindly spider that lives in dark corners and is particularly fond of sheds and garages. Their bite is painful and will produce a significant lesion with skin necrosis. It can be treated with antibiotics, but even with treatment often takes a long time to heal. To reduce encounters with this venomous creature, remove old boxes from your shed and use sealed plastic containers instead. Be aware of providing a dark, lonely habitat and they will be less likely to move in.

The last of the three is the lesser known hobo spider. Similar to the brown recluse in appearance, habits, and bite, it can be handled in the same way: minimize dark corners and shady places in your home and garage.

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