Face Mites Are Totally Normal?

Face Mites Are Totally Normal?

As much as we avoid, repel, and even fear most bugs, the truth is that we are intimately connected with them.  Bees and wasps provide pollin to make sure we our crops grow and bear fruit.  Spiders eat the bugs that try to eat our fruits and vegetables, and fruit flies serve to educate us about our own genetics.

But what is the point of face mites?  Do we need tiny insects living on our faces and eating dead skin?  Apparently so.  They are the garbage men – or sanitation engineers – of the insect world.  Mites are arachnids, cousins to much larger relatives like tarantulas.

They are most likely to set up camp on cheeks, nose and forehead.  This is a hospitable environment for the two types – demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis – to munch away on old skin.  Mites actually live in hair follicles.  Their preferred foods are dead follicle cells and skin oils.  They drink oil secretions from your skin, and seem happy to do so since face mates are a normal part of life.

A study carried out in 2014 by researchers at North Carolina State University came to the conclusion that, in fact, everyone has mites.

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