Warming Temperatures Changing Europe’s Fauna

Warming Temperatures Changing Europe’s Fauna

New wildlife is invading British territory as climate change continues to warm up what used to be temperate regions of the globe.  Great Britain has always had a wet climate, but the cold winters and cool nights have kept pests to a minimum.  That is changing now, and not for the better.

Cousin to the black widow spider which is commonly seen in the U.S., the “false widow spider” is now becoming a routine sight in the U.K..  Although most spiders are not venomous, two common breeds are the brown recluse – yet to make its way to British shores – and the false widow.

The Asian hornet has been responsible for six deaths in France.  This large stinging insect also consumes honeybees at great rates, and are increasing in numbers throughout Europe.

Numbers of mosquitoes are on the rise, and although the Asian tiger mosquito has not yet reached Britain, it has established itself in France.  This type of mosquito carries deadly dengue fever and is likely to thrive in Britain as the wet climate continues to warm.

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