Steer Clear of Auto Pests

Steer Clear of Auto Pests

Mice in the passengers seat aren’t common, say pest control experts, but they do occur and can take you on an expensive ride to the exterminator.  Rodents who make a home in your car aren’t shy about it, and you will usually know about their presence due to some obvious signs.  Anyone can, in fact, be a target if the pest is persistent enough.

You might notice a strange smell, or the car may refuse to start due to wiring that’s been gnawed on.  The worst offenders for vehicular damage are rodents like mice, raccoons, or rats (especially pack rats), but insects inflict their fair share of mayhem, too.  In 2014, Mazda had to recall thousands of their cars due to spider infestations in fuel tanks.

Unwanted visitors gain access to the car either through happenstance, like a stray roach in a grocery bag, or opportunity, such as when food (especially pet food) is stored near the vehicle.

Fortunately, some simple solutions can work wonders.  Pests can’t survive in high heat, so parking the car in sunlit, high temperatures works well.  Cleaning your vehicle regularly is also a preventive step that goes a long way.  Once mice or rats have invaded, you may have to use a trap to find and exile them, or a smellier solution like “Stay Away” — a predatory animal urine.

Whatever steps you take, don’t ignore the problem.  Pests in cars may be a rare event but the damage they can do is real, and costly.

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