Illinois Man Dies After Bee Stings

Illinois Man Dies After Bee Stings

Randy Robinson was allergic to bees, but that didn’t keep him from enjoying the outdoors. He was a big fan of boating and fishing, and worked for many years at a boat factory in Benton, IL.

On Wednesday afternoon, Robinson was mowing his lawn when he accidently disturbed a beehive in his yard. The bees swarmed, and he was bitten multiple times.

Sister-in-law Kimberly Robinson-Hall said that medical workers pulled 12 stingers from Robinson’s face.

After the incident, Robinson hurried to the house and immediately called his brother, then dialed 911. When Mark Robinson got to the house he found his brother Randy on the bathroom floor, barely able to speak. He did say one word, “truck,” and Mark ran to get his EpiPen from the vehicle so he could give him a shot.

But by the time Mark returned, minutes later, the treatment was not fast enough.

When medical workers arrived, they transported Mr. Robinson to the hospital, but he died from anaphylactic shock the next day at 9:45 a.m.

His sister-in-law remembers “Uncle Randy” as friendly and fun, often helping out neighbors.

“There wasn’t anybody who didn’t know him,” she said.

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