Wet Conditions Bring Insects Inside

Wet Conditions Bring Insects Inside

In places with a rainy spring and summer – which includes much of the country these days – the bugs are multiplying like bunnies. Now that it’s heating up and the heart of summer approaches, all those baby spiders and ants are looking for a safe, dark home.

Spiders reproduce at huge rates and if there is enough food for them to munch on, will proliferate in attics, basements and crawl spaces. A brood of 300 babies is not uncommon for many spider species.

Excess rain has the effect of promoting plenty of plants, which gives a steady food source for insects and spiders. Due to their sheer numbers, some will crawl inside your house.

They don’t crawl out of drains, as is commonly believe, but generally spin their way down from the ceiling and often seek out drains for water sources.

Before bringing in the big guns to eradicate spiders, ants and other critters from your premises, research the most effective and least toxic removal method. Remember, most spiders are helpful, non-poisonous, and eat other bugs. Ants are a different story, as they can do structural damage, but they can still be removed with minimally toxic chemicals.

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