Space Invaders Come in Many Forms

Space Invaders Come in Many Forms

It’s never to soon to begin sealing up your house in anticipation of fall and winter pest marauders. While the summer living is easy for rodents and bugs, they will make a beeline for cozier dwellings as soon as the temperature dips. Guidelines for keeping your home pest-free follow a few basic principles that rely on common sense.

Anything that comes into your home can carry a pest with it. Firewood, clothing left outside, your dog, and plants can all carry insects. Use caution when transporting items from the outside, especially if they’ve been sitting out for awhile.

Search for any possible entryways for small creatures. Do a perimeter sweep, looking for cracks, crevices and holes. Some rooms are move conducive to visitors than others, and these especially include basements (where holes in the yard may lead) and attics, where roof breaches can create tiny entrances.

Be cautious with food, including keep trash bins dry, storing food, cleaning up crumbs, and sealing outdoor trash receptacles. Fruit flies will enter through screen doors and miniscule cracks in the house if they smell overripe fruit, so don’t let those bananas sit out too long!

Keep the perimeter of your house clear. This means not stacking firewood against the house, or storing anything that could collect water near your home. Trim tree branches that overhang your house.

Seal drainpipes in bathrooms and sinks. Bugs will come up through the drain, including giant cockroaches and less frightening insects, like silverfish.

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