World’s Deadliest Spider! From Brazil To Britain

World’s Deadliest Spider! From Brazil To Britain

The world’s deadliest spider, the Brazilian Wandering spider, has been discovered in Britain.

Staff at the Bristol Zoo have identified the deadly spider after being called to help by shower and tap company Bristan. The spider was found present alongside materials delivered all the way from South America. After further inspection, the spider was found to be a female and possibly the largest of its kind ever seen in the UK.

Lee Hilton, a factory worker in Tamwords, Midlands, spotted the spider in one of their warehouses. At first glance, Hilton thought it was a wolf spider. Upon closer inspection though, he noticed spots on the spider’s legs not present in wolf spiders.

“I noticed that it had some spots on its legs and I know wolf spiders don’t have that. I told my friend to watch it and not let it out of his sight and ran into the warehouse and got a plastic tub. I put the tub beside it and coaxed it into the tub, put the lid on the tub and sellotaped it on,” Hilton explained.

What makes the exotic Brazilian Wandering spider notorious is its highly poisonous venom, making it the 2010 Guinness World Records’ deadliest arachnid. A single venomous bite can trick the brain into experiencing exaggerated pain. Life-long paralysis or death can ensue if an anti-venom is not administered within six hours.

One other previous record of a Brazilian Wandering spider found in the UK dates back to 2005, where it was found delivered alongside a crate of bananas. Unfortunately, the Briton who found it got bitten and was hospitalized for a week.

Which goes to show that, you can never be totally safe from deadly creatures not found in your locale, as even venomous critters all the way from another continent can find their way into your vicinity by sheer chance.

Never approach foreign creatures nonchalantly. And when in doubt, always call the experts. Investing in effective pest control is always better than ending up in the hospital or worse — dead.

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