Kansas City Motel Closed Due to Rodents and Mold

Kansas City Motel Closed Due to Rodents and Mold

A motel with a history of code violations was shut down last week after a surprise inspection, putting dozens of residents out on the street.

Prices are cheap at the Arrowhead Motel, running well under $400 a month – but officials are concerned about the safety of residents, who include the elderly and families.

“It has had a history of non-compliance with the city’s lodging ordinance,” said Joe Williamson, the city’s code enforcement manager. “We have had to close the facility in the past for some unsanitary conditions.”

Residents have complained in the past about bug infestations, rodents, and other problems.

David Lee has lived at the Arrowhead for only a month, but has already made several complaints to management.

“It’s full of mosquitos, I went through two cans of OFF bug spray –and I pay $338 for a week here and I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth, so this wasn’t surprising,” said Lee.

Code enforcers and health inspectors took a room-by-room approach to check for hazards.  Their main concerns were rodents, mold, and bugs.  Apparently the management has been lax in keeping the property up to even minimal standards, including using a pest control company on a regular basis.

Fifty of the rooms were occupied and many residents are worried they will have no other place to find lodging.

Single mom Monica Jackson said she works 12 hours a day and hasn’t been able to find affordable housing anywhere else in the city.

“Right now, if we had to move tomorrow,” Jackson said, “I really wouldn’t have nowhere to go because I just paid all the money for the week for here.”

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