‘Nuclear’ Option May Be Last Resort for Abandoned Rats, Offspring

‘Nuclear’ Option May Be Last Resort for Abandoned Rats, Offspring

An animal rescue shelter in Michigan is making news for the number of rats that live there.  Now neighbors and nearby businesses have complained, the shelter has been shut down, and hundreds of domestic rats are still living inside and on the grounds.

The property is uninhabitable, due to hazards created mainly by the rodent population.  Eighteen cats and forty rabbits have already been relocated to other shelters, but workers were only able to remove about 800 rats from the property.

It is estimated that the rats are reproducing at about 100 per day.

The former owner, Christine Beamer, who is no long allowed on the property, is upset by the way the remaining rats are being treated, calling in “inhumane.”

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and neighbors feel that they are out of options, however, due to the large numbers of rats and difficulty accessing spaces in the house to hunt them down.

The homeowner, Dale Carr, hired professionals to use thermal imaging as a means of searching for rats still inside his house.  Experts used the technology to locate rat nests behind walls, in the attic and essentially all throughout the house.

If workers are unable to remove the remaining rats – estimated in the hundreds – in a timely manner, the only remaining option may be wrapping the house in bubble, posting guards, and using gas to kill the remaining creatures.

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