Business Is Good For Bug Start-Up

Business Is Good For Bug Start-Up

Their tag line is “because six legs are better than four” and the owners of Six Foods hope to be successfully marketing insects in a store near you soon.

The two owners are young and ready to take the burgeoning bugs-as-food market by storm.

The pair launched their first Kickstarter campaign a little over year ago using the slogan, “Chirps: Eat what bugs you” and video sporting high production values. They reached their first goal of $30,000, and when they met their next benchmark of $70,000 they brought their first product  – a bean-based chip made with cricket flour called “Chirps Cricket Chips” – to market.

Cricket chips, it turns out, have three times the protein and 40 percent less fat than every day, boring potato chips.

Now a global non-profit company called Echoing Green has granted the ingenious pair of businesswomen, Laura D’Asaro and Rose Wang, another $90,000 to continue spreading the gospel about bug-eating.

It all started with a bit of serendipity when D’Asaro, having just tasted a delicious fried caterpillar in Tanzania, called her former college roommate.  Wang, too, had been abroad and coincidentally also had a tasty bug meal:  fried scorpion.

The women agreed that tasty bugs needed to be brought home.

The current target demographic are the millennials, who have expressed a desire to consume less meat.  Cricket chips are currently sold on Amazon, but the pair of entrepreneurs is working on expanding their market.

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