Pittsburgh Bugs Only Look Like Ticks

Pittsburgh Bugs Only Look Like Ticks

In this neck of the woods, the deer tick is a real danger. They carry Lyme disease and almost any foray into woods or fields can result in hitchhikers on clothing, skin or pets.  So residents of Pittsburgh know that ticks are bad news.

But another bug that resembles that hated tick is new in town.

They have come from a wet spring that set up the right conditions for mass breeding, and they do superficially resemble ticks in size and color.  However, the billbug flies and is a bit more varied in color, with shading from brown to gray to near-black.  More importantly, the billbug – also called beetles or weevils – is completely harmless.

This little critter goes through a caterpillar (or larval) stage when its young feed on grasses, and they do cause some damage to lawns.  But as for biting or stinging or carrying any type of disease, they are safe.

Residents see them swarming over a variety of surfaces, usually yellow in color.  They seek bright colors because they believe a mate will be there.  Cars surfaces and playground equipment are favorite haunts.

When temperatures reach over 60, they get active.  This time of year, their life cycle is nearing an end, and soon the streets of Pittsburgh will be a little quieter.

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