Switzerland Crawls Toward Sensible Food Policy

Switzerland Crawls Toward Sensible Food Policy

The Swiss government has said yes to insects, opening a whole new world to culinary artists eager to experiment with bug-based sauces and cricket-covered casseroles.

The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office of Switzerland currently requires a permit to serve insects, but this step is still seen as a green light to making insect-based meals a normal part of life here.

Members of the Swiss parliament have been methodically revising food policy to make a wider array of foods available, and to craft outdated regulations into a better fit with the rest of Europe.  The emphasis is on food safety, and ecologically sound practices.

This move has been influenced by a recent United Nations report noting that nine billion humans are likely to inhabit Earth by 2050, and food production will need to double in order to sustain all of us. The document, prepared by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, noted that 80% of humans consume insects, and that nutritionally speaking they are higher in protein and lower in fat than meat products.

Meanwhile, a test meal was served in the Swiss parliament to help elected officials appreciate insect-based foods.  On the menu were cricket rissoles, mealworm burgers and grasshopper mousse. Most left the table completely satisfied.

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