Raccoons After the Flood

Raccoons After the Flood

Raccoons can be finicky creatures, but ultimately they are survivors.  Even though they like to wash all their food in water, they don’t like living in it. Rains and floods push raccoons to higher, dryer ground.

For those living in areas with recent flooding, this means a raccoon or two may show up on your doorstep.

Casper, Wyoming is one of the larger cities in the state, but it’s surrounded by miles of open country.  Casper is like many urban centers in the midst of wilderness: a great home for raccoons.  They’ve been spending more time in this town recently, and that development is not making residents happy.

“They’ll figure out your pet doors. My neighbor had one where a raccoon came up and peeked in her screen door,” says Jerry Lawis of RKR Nuisance Animal Control and Removal.

Raccoons carry a variety of diseases.  The most common is roundworm, which can transmit to pets and people.  They have been known to carry rabies as well.  They may look cute, but will attack pets if given a reason.

To discourage raccoons from living in your personal space, secure your garbage.  Like any nighttime bandit, their crimes are ones of opportunity.  If you spot one who is coming around too often, call an animal control expert.  Don’t try to deal with the raccoon yourself, and keep pets indoors.

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