Beetle-Inspired Nail Polish a Real Beauty

Beetle-Inspired Nail Polish a Real Beauty

No beetles were harmed in the making of this new and unique beauty product, but this nail polish glistens and shines in a natural range of beetle shades.

Christian Louboutin has created a fabulous and Egyptian-inspired nail polish to honor the insects of his “second home” on the Nile.

Beetles, also known as scarabs in the Egyptian world, have been long commemorated among the Egyptian people. They are famously immortalized on ancient Egyptian temples. Now, they are making the leap into the modern age by lending their metallic glimmer to the human fingernail.

This limited edition collection is called Scarabee, and comes in three colors that mimic the changing shades of a beetle shell. Each reflective style also seems to contain three-in-one hues of its own.

The iridescent colors, or styles, are best described as a reddish, blueish and yellowish.

Nail polish is one of the fashion enhancers you keep around forever, so the fifty dollar price tag may be worth it. Scarabee can be used for any and all special occasions and makes a great conversation starter. Available in mid-June direct, this polish will also honor the bugs from whence its special powers originated.

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