Ridding Yourself of Garden Pests

Ridding Yourself of Garden Pests

If there is any area in your home that is full of pests, it is likely your garden. And the worst part is other than the damage they might be causing to your garden, you can’t always see or tell where or what they are! Well, that’s where this special chart comes in to assist you in figuring out just what kinds of pests aren’t really pests to your garden, and how you can naturally repel the insects that do cause you trouble

Some of the easiest things to keep track of when it comes to pests in your garden though, just has to do with which pests are good and which ones are bad. Lady bugs, bees, spiders, and even praying mantis all actually assist your garden. Spiders and praying mantis do this by eating the bugs you wouldn’t want in your garden, while lady bugs and bees do this by assisting with the spring-time pollination.

Meanwhile any kind of worm, or slug, moth or fly is going to cause trouble for your garden. This is why spiders are so beneficial, they can clear out most of those besides the slugs, and slugs you can easily resort to eliminating with beer of all things. Of course you can also just go to planting some unique plants around your garden that will help keep some bad insects away, such as Thyme, which can keep most worms away from your garden.

Really, just pay attention to what is going on in your garden and you just might start noticing those annoying or even helpful pests.

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