Antique Bug Collections

Antique Bug Collections

Not all bugs need to be exterminated, and in some cases they can end up becoming quite the stunning collection, such as this collection being auctioned off. The beetles themselves are not a problem in terms of health like cockroaches and rats can be, which makes them much safer if you plan to do anything with them. But that doesn’t mean the task of preserving the beetles is simply easy.

Most people would think that all you had to do is stick a beetle with a toothpick and pin it within a glass case, but actually the process is a bit more complicated. You are essentially exterminating the beetles beforehand, by using something known as a killing jar. It’s simply a jar you put the beetle in that you then expose to a fumigation of some kind to kill them off while still preserving their body. Once you’ve done that, then you can pin them to the board or mat or whatever you happen to be using.

The process overall isn’t too frustrating which often makes this practice something that is relaxing for people who like insects. Just remember that you don’t want to be pinning or keeping any soft body insects such as flies or caterpillars.

If you do want to learn more about bug collecting and how to keep them preserved, you can look through this helpful site. And just remember that insects aren’t always dangerous or bad, even if they can seem gross on the outside!

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