The Rise of Bed Bugs | Chicago bed Bug Control

The Rise of Bed Bugs | Chicago bed Bug Control

For the past few years the United States and even other parts of the country have started to see a rise in reports of Bed Bugs. These tiny little creatures were only an occasional occurrence before, but now hostels, hotels, dorms, and really anywhere with a large amount of people and beds in one location is starting to see more and more of these little critters.

The worst part about these infestations is that there isn’t some simply spray you can use on these to get rid of them. In most cases you have to clean everything around and on your bed, mattress and pillows included. This means for companies like hotels a single infestation of bed bugs can end up costing quite a lot of money in needing to either clean or entirely replace the mattresses and other bedding to make sure the infestation is gone for good.

In other cases, such as for college dorms, or even personal homes, because these pests are unlikely to spread any kind of disease they are not recognized as a health risk and therefore are not required to be dealt with by the CDC such as other pests like mosquitos are. This means schools and landlords are not forced to deal with them and if they aren’t dealt with they can spread to everyone that an infested person comes into contact with.


If you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs, make sure you wash all your clothes, sheets, pillow cases, and pillows if you can. And if that doesn’t work, you will likely need to replace the mattress and box spring of your bed entirely as they will hide in or under the mattress until it is feeding time. If you are unsure whether bites you have on you are bed bugs, the best way to tell is that they will itch, and will most often come in a series of three, representing their breakfast, lunch and dinner meals during the night of your sleep.

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