Crazy Ants Invading the UK

Crazy Ants Invading the UK

The UK has been seeing more and more invasive species of ants taking over the country these days. Although it is not sure how they are getting to the UK, a new Argentine Ant has been making its way through England all the way from South America.

These ants have been getting the nickname of ‘crazy ants’ from local exterminators due to the powerful bite they possess. They have strong enough jaws to actually bite straight through electrical wire. This overloads their system though and causes them to be jerky and act unusual.

If you see an ant with red hairy exterior, in a warm environment and usually around sources of sugar, then you are likely encountering these crazy ants. Restaurants and factories that produce sugars or proteins are at the biggest risk, but households are also not ruled out as they like to build homes within cracked walls or timber.

The worst part about these crazy ants isn’t even their bite. It’s that they are major health risks to the population, especially since they look areas where we have or keep food. Everywhere they go, salmonella and other dangerous food diseases seem to follow. They’ve been known to cause strep and a few other diseases, which makes keeping the infestations out of restaurants and any place you keep food absolutely important.

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