Australian reporter has the worst luck

Australian reporter has the worst luck

One year ago, in an event that went viral, an Australian reporter had water thrown on her while attempting to interview a man outside of his home. Earlier this year, the same reporter had a cigarette put out on her face while interviewing a woman. This week, reporter Alex Bernardt, made viral internet headlines again after being bitten by a bull ant life on camera.

During the news report Alex Bernardt tried to laugh off the sting and intense pain of the bite, but folded to the pain by announcing “I’ve just got bitten by a f—ing bull ant!” to the viewers at home.

Bull ants are no laughing matter. They are feared by Australians their aggressive reputation and their potent sting. They also have the reputation to attack anything that threatens their nests. These ants have impeccable vision and are known to even jump after their attackers. Their vision allows them to track intruders from as far away as a full meter. There are 90 known species of bull ants in their native home of Australia that each have their own behaviors.

“Ohhhhhh. F—. Oh my god. Ow! I’m about to cry it’s really, really sore.” cries the reporter as the camera films the now infamous bite.

For more information on the reporter bitten by a bull ant, please click here. .

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