Spiders in school causes closure

Spiders in school causes closure

An infestation of venomous spiders has caused a Pennsylvania elementary school to close. The school district made the decision to close after three separate instances of finding brown recluse spiders in different areas.

Last year a hired pest control company found several of the venomous spiders hiding amongst the books in the library, in the kitchen as well as in the boiler room. The pest control has devised a plan of attack against the spiders that includes sealing cracks in the rooms throughout the school, spraying the elementary schools exterior as well as implementing a plan to fog the entire school.

The danger of the brown recluse spider comes in its venomous bite which can cause an ulcer to appear on the skin, and can also be extremely painful to its victim. While these ulcers are not typically life threating, they can be especially to the young children within the district. Deaths from bites of this species of spiders have been reported in children under the age of 7.

The brown recluse is not native to the region of Pennsylvania where the incident occurred. Typically this spider is found in the Midwestern and southeastern states, however the documentation of them in the southwest and other areas is hard to ignore.

For more information on brown recluse spiders, please click here

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