Emergency at 911 center

Emergency at 911 center

911 dispatchers have a new emergency to worry about besides those coming in on the phones. One dispatch center in Western Pennsylvania has a bed bug infestation according to Allegheny County Emergency Service Officials.

Bed bugs can be brought into the work place in backpacks, clothing and other personal items any employee may bring to work. If an employee’s home has a bed bug infestation, the chances of them taking the problem to work is very high. Bed bugs can be found on any piece of clothing, or surface shared. They can also be found in the chairs of the working space attaching themselves to anyone who sits there. Which of course does nothing but furthers the problem. One employee brings them unknowingly into the work place, and before you know it 10 employees all have bed bugs in their home as well.

In this situation, the 911 dispatch employees were educated and given information on who to contact and how to end the further spread of the infestation of the bed bugs in an attempt to stop the spreading of the bugs. The center itself was also treated to kill any existing bed bugs.

Bed bugs are thought to be extremely harmful. While they do bite and cause serious itchiness, their bites are not fatal. The bite reaction from bed bugs are similar to the bite reaction from mosquitoes. A sore will appear and be extremely itchy. One other side effect of bed bugs is insomnia. Who can sleep calmly knowing or even thinking there may be bugs crawling around your bed waiting to bite?

For more information on bed bug infestation, please click here

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