Making Childhood Memories

Making Childhood Memories

During the warm months outdoor enthusiasts can take all kinds of safaris, but a new type of safari is making memories for the children involved.

A bug safari is a new idea taking over wetland areas. Some of these safaris are even free for participants as an educational excursion. During these safaris attendees get to witness many different types of bugs in their natural habitats. One type of experiences you wouldn’t get to necessarily go out looking for every day is witnessing how a dragon fly baby actually develops underwater.

The reproductive cycle of dragon flies begins with laying of eggs underwater. The eggs actually develop completely underwater, including hatching. They remain underwater until they are ready to surface and eventually fly away.

The experience of the bug safari has been very beneficial to the children involved. Many of these kids have never even seen a dragon fly, even though they have a love for bugs. Despite reading books, and studying insects in schools, these kids have never been given the opportunity to learn in such a hands on way. The educational value makes this experience worth the effort and marks wonderful memories for the children.

For more information on dragon flies click here

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