UK bugs and their beginnings

UK bugs and their beginnings

What is your favorite insect? Chances are you may not have an answer for me and a cringe on your face. The average person usually will lump insects together into one entity. Bugs. There are over 20,000 different species in the UK alone. All are different sizes, wonderful colors and shapes. While some insects can certainly be pests, they provide us services that are critical.

Pollination is an important task and needed for reproduction. There are multiple ways this can be done. The wind can be used as a tool, contacting directly with the flowers or an insect that is willing to serve as a courier for a small reward of nectar. Most people will instantly think of any of bees.

Decomposers are referred to a saprophages. The Greek word “sapros” means rotten and “phagein” means to eat. These are the insects that will clean up so to speak. They will break down waste and other dead organic matter and turn it once again into usable forms.

Insects will create biological control by eating other insects. Lady bugs tend to find aphid delicious. Watching insects can be pure entertainment. If you have a moment to consider the Cinnabar moth caterpillars on their scale and terms you may find hours of education and fascination. For more information on bees, cinnabar moth caterpillar and lady bugs click here

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