There can never be only one

There can never be only one

Did you see that mouse scurry across the kitchen floor? The chances are very high that if you in fact saw one, his brothers and sisters and even parents may have taken up shop in your pantry. The most common home pest is of course the furry, cute looking house mouse. They have a very high rate of reproduction and are also very adaptable to life’s changes. If you haven’t solved your mouse problem within about three weeks, the chances are that 6 new infant mice will be born. A typical female house mouse reproduces at an almost alarming rate. They can have up to 35 babies every year. That is just one female. Imagine how many they have if you don’t get them under control right away!

Some steps can be taken to ensure you prevent a mouse infestation prior to it getting out of hand. The first step of course is sealing all gaps and holes in your home that are larger in diameter than a pencil. You can use steel wool for this. Keep your home picked up and free of piles of stuff for the mice to hide in. Home inspections looking for droppings and other signs of mice once in a while, are never a bad idea either.

For more information on the common house mouse and how to prevent mice infestations, click here

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