Walls, support beams, floors that’s what is for dinner in the world of termites. Unfortunately for the homeowner, this can be a very expensive dinner that lasts up to 24 hours at one time. The silent destroyer will continue to feed on the cellulous found in wood every day of the week, every hour of the day.

The feeding ground doesn’t just stop at wood. Termites can also enjoy cellulous found in books, paper and even drywall. These pests don’t stop and need to be taken care of immediately. It is estimated that they cause upwards of five billion dollars a year in property damage. Damage that isn’t always covered by homeowners insurance. Now THAT is an expensive dinner!

The best thing to do, of course is to prevent the termites all together. An annual inspection by a licensed pest control management company is one of the best ways to prevent massive damage. They will be able to monitor the behavior and need for a plan of attack against the silent destroyer. The good news is the quicker you stop the termites, the quicker you can contain the damages, reducing the out of pocket costs incurred by the homeowner.

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