What’s that smell!?

What’s that smell!

If you have ever been greeted in your home with a stinkbug, you know the smell and you are the first to be able to answer the question, do stink bugs really smell? The brown marmorated stinkbug is the full name of the common stinkbug you may find in your home. Its body is quite distinguishable by the triangle shaped backside. This bug is very invasive and has a tendency to release an odor when in distress or when it is smashed. This odor is similar to a cilantro smell.

Typically stinkbugs will look for places to make home where they can over winter, also known as hibernating. They need to take shelter from the cold temperatures and hostile winter environments. They will then become active during the spring. They do tend to be a very docile insect and are not a danger to humans; they will infest and take over your home in large numbers. They do live a long life for an insect. If they manage to survive without getting squished into a stinky mess, their lifespan is typically right around a year.

These bugs originally are from the orient. They have traveled to the United States from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They accidentally arrived in Pennsylvania, but since have moved nationwide across America.

For more information on stink bugs, please click here

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