Pets Yes, Pests No

Pets Yes, Pests No

If you’re a pet lover like I am, you know that they are part of the family. You want to make sure your pets are pest free too! This is a win – win situation for everyone. Keeping your pet free of pests will in turn, keep your home free of pests.  Missy Henriksen has a few tips to help guide you. When you decide to take your dog for a walk, try to avoid that tall grass which is perfect shelter for pests. You won’t know they are there until after you have walked though it and they are now attached to your dog. Grooming is a must. Bathing, combing and brushing can identify and rid your pets from unwanted parasites. Their coat is very important and should be properly taken care of.  Make sure you vacuum often to pick up any eggs or remnants of pests, especially in your pet’s bed if they have one.  If eggs are left behind, the whole cycle will start over again and again, making it feel like a never ending process.. Working with your Vet to take precautionary measures should be done on a regular basis. Make standard check-up appointments to assure your beloved pet is healthy.

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