Brain Eaters?!

As the only girl and youngest of four, my brothers would pick on me as much as possible, as I’m certain most brothers do. As a child growing up in a time where playing outside and finding adventure was all there was to do, it is exactly what we did. We lived in the desert, so I was very  familiar with being careful as to where I stuck my hand or the anticipation of what creepy crawly might be taking residence under that big rock we were going to flip over. I had very little fear for such a little girl. One memory I will forever have is the one where my brothers convinced me that my brain would slowly be devoured by one little earwig that had gained access to it through my ear. They would actually capture them in jars and leave them on my bedside table. They are quite scary to look at, especially with the thought of their ear crawling, brain eating powers! Contrary to my brother’s delight in teasing me to tears and other myths, earwigs do not exist to enter a person’s ear. They do not carry disease and they do not eat brains!

For more information on earwigs click here

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