Pests, pests, and more pests

Pests, pests, and more pests

It’s a true statement. If you see one, there’s many more that you don’t see. A simple house mouse. You see it peek its head out and steal the droppings from last night dinner that you hadn’t swept up. When you see just one, it an actually be a cute little thing. Until you realize that it only takes 3 short weeks for these pests to reproduce. Not only do they have a very short gestational period, they breed year round at alarming rates. One mouse could be a potential infestation if not stopped in its tracks as soon as it’s spotted.

Roaches are very similar in their reproduction and infestation at alarming rates. Roaches in particular love water and humidity. While they are still found everywhere around the world, the south united states such as Florida and Texas seem to harbor large amounts due to the humidity in their climate.

Rats, like their mouse cousin, are another of the most common house pests. They, like roaches love the humidity and all that the moist conditions create. It is common knowledge that New York has the highest rat population in the US, but who would have thought that Austin, Texas came in second.

Keeping your home clean and dry will always help to keep all of these pests away.

For more information on mice, rats and roaches, click here

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