OUCH! It got me

OUCH! It got me

It’s time to sit on the couch and relax when all of the sudden you notice it. The dreaded bug bite that came out of nowhere. Paranoia sets it as you start to wonder, “Do I have bugs?! What bit me?” It may silence your paranoia to know there are actually few species of bugs that can invade your home and bite you on a regular basis.

The first thing to consider is that the bump that itches on your skin, may be a rash and not a bite at all. Check with your dermatologist to determine if it is a rash or a bite.

Bed bugs are one of the most common biting bugs that can invade your home. If you wake up with rows of bites, that could be a symptom that you need to talk to your local extermination company. Fleas are also a common insect to infest. They come in your home riding on your pets back and you don’t notice them until all of the sudden your feet and ankles are covered in bites.

Mosquitoes could fly into your home through a screen or window and make a feast for themselves out of if not caught right away. Spiders will do the same.

It’s key to remember not all bugs bite, but bugs don’t belong in your home.

For more information on stopping bug bites, click here

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