Ew! That’s just creepy!

Ew! That’s just creepy!

If you take the time to really look at some insects, your find not only are they very interesting, some are just down right creepy.

For instance, have you ever taken the time really look at a house centipede? They are typically yellow and grey and have 15 pairs of legs. FIFTEEN sets of legs, each with their own little hairs giving the house centipede the title of one of the creepiest looking insects. Next is the assassin bug.  These very odd looking creatures are venomous and will inject their paralyzing venom into their prey, dissolving its victim from the inside out at the same time. Literally sucking the life right out of them. The huntsman spider is another creepy insect.  These hunters can have a legspan up to a foot long. They are fast and aggressive and their eight eyes will give anyone the shivers. The red rumped tarantula is exactly as it sounds. Like a regular tarantula, they will feed on anything they can overcome. However, their belly, which appears to be their rump, is covered in fine red hairs.

There’s no doubt about it, bugs and insects are bright, colorful creeping looking creatures.

For more information on centipedes, spiders and tarantulas, click here

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