It’s cooling off, time to protect from the bugs

It’s cooling off, time to protect from the bugs

As summer slowly fades away the realization that there are still more bugs to fight comes to light. How can you protect yourself from winter bugs, and what are the winter bugs?

Spiders are one of the most commonly found household pests once the weather cools off. Spiders will look for somewhere warm to call home. They will break in your summarized pesticide protected home by simply walking over the line, inviting them into your home. To make sure they don’t have that ability, make sure to seal any and all gaps in your walls, faucets, etc.

Mice and rodents also will look for a warm corner to hide in during the colder winter months. They don’t need much food to survive and they can repopulate at alarming rates. Clean your kitchen well, keep your home neat and tidy and make sure to seal any food containers to cut them off at the food source.

Your attic and shed might become home to raccoons and other small animals. These may look cute in a picture, but will destroy any and everything they come in contact with. They will eat your food, destroy your stored keepsakes and even gnaw at the framework of your home. These are not cuddly critters.

For more information on winter household pests, click here

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