A close up of insects

A close up of insects

Recently, a photographer from Indonesia displayed his up close and personal portraits of several different insect species, in New York. These insect photos are all down right fascinating. Have you ever seen the beauty of an insect close up? They really are magical science fiction looking creatures. Some of us may find insects down right terrifying. We ignore them and try to kill them at every site. However you can’t help but to see the beauty in these typically ignored creatures.

The yellow ant; a yellow bodied creature with a strong black face that almost appears like an old alien form they have small hairs cover its large face. They have a jawline that is hard to miss. They are named for the odor they emit when they feel threatened. These ants love to invade your honeydew and other melons. They sometimes are confused with termites because they do appear similar.

Another beauty we all choose to get rid of at first site is the worker bee. But have you ever really looked at the wonder of these flying insects? The eyes on the side of face, and the antennae each reflecting the yellow in the sensory hairs covering a bees body.

This artists work just goes to show beauty can be found anywhere. To see the close ups of the yellow ant and the bee, click here

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