What goes in must come out

What goes in must come out

It may be gross to think about but it’s true. What goes in must come out. With insects, the process of elimination is called frass; and there is a season for it. With the increase of insects during the summer months it’s bound to happen, an increase of frass.

Everyone has seen the nasty splattering along walkways and across your windshield. Bugs like caterpillars and moths in particular leave a mess. But how do these bugs do it without kidneys? Insects use frass in interesting ways. Caterpillars in particular will leave it out on purpose with the thought that it will serve as a marker to keep other intruders away. Caterpillars will also fling their frass. Predators will track caterpillars by their frass scent so if they scatter it, it will throw off the hunt. Bees are like dogs in the way they will not eliminate where they live, sometimes forcing them to go weeks without a restroom break. Some potato beetles will actually spread frass along their backs to harden into additional shields of protection. Termites will feed their frass to their young in time of need. Cockroaches differ in the way they use their frass. They will gather it and eliminate it from the nest. Who would have known they are so clean?

For more information on Caterpillars, bees and beetles please click here

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