Fire ants are everywhere this summer. Besides being annoying and pesky, this insect is actually very dangerous, especially to those who have an allergic reaction. They can become deadly.

Fire ants are everywhere in the United States, but they are not natives. They jumped aboard and came to us from South America somewhere in the 1930s. They build their colonies in a high mound. The largest of these colonies can reach a foot and a half tall and three feet across housing up to half a million of these fire ants at a time.

Fire ants are very aggressive and will bite without any warning if they feel threatened. They also will sting. That sting is venomous and a sting can be reproduced over and over again. They intentionally will sting in the same spot repeatedly.

The most common physical reactions to ant bites and stings are itching and burning at the site followed by a red welt. That red welt will form into a pimple like area filled with puss. Over a few days those sores will rupture with additional pain and swelling to follow. Rarely an allergic reaction will occur with symptoms of swelling of the face, lips and throat making it very difficult to breathe.

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