The danger of the brown recluse

The danger of the brown recluse

Most spiders are not harmful, but of the few that are, one that is particularly harmful is the brown recluse. Brown recluse are elusive. They are supposedly rare, there are no populations and over several decades less than 100 have been collected. Are they rare or do they just REALLY know how to hide?

If you don’t know what one looks like, they can be distinguished by the fact they only have six eyes whereas most spiders have eight. Their eyes are coupled in pairs and are equal in size. The bellies of brown recluse are covered with fine hairs that are colored light tan to dark brown, oddly dependent on what they last ate. The brown recluse’s legs are also covered with fine hairs that do not have any additional markings and are all uniform by site.

The brown recluse is a venomous spider that has a capability of causing skin lesions; they can cause moderate tissue damage and even scarring, as well as death. While there aren’t any proven deaths linked directly to the brown recluse, there are several probable deaths in children and the elderly who have been bitten by the ominous creature.

If you think you may have a brown recluse issue in your home, contact your local pest control company for a full inspection.

For more information on the brown recluse, please click here

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